Technokom JSC provided 2017 annual health checks for employees

Technokom JSC provided 2017 annual health checks for employees

Following the Guidelines extracted from Labour Laws on ensuring the health of workers, getting the attention from the Board of Directors, on April 29, 2017, Technokom JSC had collaborated with Yecxanh Clinic to provide 2017 annual health checks for more than 400 employees.

These health checks comprise a combination of tests such as blood pressure reading, vision screening, ultrasound, cholesterol tests, lifestyle analysis (alcohol intake, smoking habits, physical activity, etc.), which aim to give the individuals an overview of their current health status and help detect diseases or risk factors early.

After the check-ups, each staff was consulting about some diseases, symptoms and signs of underlying diseases, which capture their state of health and have effective preventions.

Providing health checks for employees is the annual activity of Technokom JSC. It helps reduce sickness absence levels, increase productivity, and improve morale & loyalty amongst employees.

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