Continuous improvement

Quality Management System

In Technokom, strict quality control and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 help us to commit a stable quality of products to our customers.

Complying with production control processes:
- Checking the raw materials, spare parts and other inputs.
- Monitoring from the stage of production to semi-finished products.
- Testing the finished goods.

Since established, we always determine the quality of products to be the survival factor of our business. Thus, besides the necessary measuring instruments such as meter and micrometer, we also equip a 3D measuring machine imported from FARO - a famous supplier from USA. This helps us to best control the quality of products before delivery to the customers.

Continuous improvement (Kaizen)

Making improvement even from the smallest step is essential to make today better than yesterday. This simple principle is the spirit of Kaizen and also a motivation for Technokom to develop and increase the competitiveness.

Technokom aims to form an image of “The learning company”- where the company is not just a place to work, it is also a place for employees to learn and improve themselves.

Technokom always attaches great importance to the training and development of human resources. We maximize the effectiveness of comprehensive training forms such as: on-the-job training, off-the-job training, and self-study.

A kaizen class at Technokom
Besides, we have applied 5S program in our factory that was supported from TAC, JICA and a Japanese expert, Mr. Aoyagi Yutaka. This program brings us a great improvement in product quality and work efficiency.

Furthermore, Technokom has invested more modern machines which are imported completely from prestigious manufacturers of Japan, Taiwan... to meet strict requirements in terms of techniques and ensure the quality of products for each order.

Production process

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