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Frequently asked questions

What are Technokom’s strengths?
Welding and Pressing are the main strengths of Technokom. Thus, Welding Section and Pressing Section are equipped with modern technology and machines. We improve the efficiency of our processes with 35 press machines, 40 MIG-TIG welding machines, and robot automation (06 Robots). Besides, the strict quality management system also brings a stable quality for our products.
Besides manufacturing mechanical components for auto parts and supporting mechanical industry, which sectors has Technokom produced components for?
Besides manufacturingmechanical components for auto parts and supporting mechanical industry, Technokom is now providing interior products to European markets. In the upcoming period, we will promote the development of products in the field of household utensils and bathroom equipments.
What are the materials that Technokom is using for manufacturing?
At present, we are using a various range of materials such as: SPHC, SPCC, SS400, STAMP290GA, STAMP390G, SUS409...
What are Technokom’s quality policies?
Along with the process of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam, Technokom always improves ourselves to meet all customers’ requirements with these terms of quality policy:

- Maintaining business reputation: focusing on product quality, keeping and improving the efficiency of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.

- Enhancing productive capacity: ensuring sufficient supply of the equipmentas well as good work environment for employees; always self-recognizing and setting a specific strategy to deal with the change of market.

- Production specialization: training and developing the human resource; improving the skill and knowledge which contribute for production specialization.

- Building customer trust and confidence in the brand.

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